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Family Traditions: Creating Lasting Memories

The Importance of Family Traditions

Hiking with my boys

Family traditions create a sense of belonging, strengthen family bonds, and create lasting memories. Looking back now that my children are adults, I am thankful for the family traditions we had as a family. Still to this day, I try to keep those family traditions alive and have started new traditions even though my children are adults. 

In today's fast-paced world, family traditions seem to be fading over time. However, it's never too late to start new traditions or revive old ones. Family traditions are important and there are many ways to create traditions for your family. My favorites are holiday traditions and vacation traditions which include spending time outdoors. 

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Remembering Family Traditions

The beginning of the new year brings me back to the days when I would begin planning for the year ahead. One of those plans involved what to do on Spring Break. This was a chance to have some real quality family time. Also a time to start new traditions. 

Easter Traditions

coloring eggs with my son

Typically, Spring Break falls over Easter. Growing up, Easter was always one of the holidays that had many traditions from big meals, Easter egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, and spending time with the cousins. I have carried some of those traditions over as I started my own family. This holiday has created lasting memories with my cousins and helped build strong relationships. Even over long distances and gaps of time we still have a special connection. 

Big family meals always create a sense of belonging and now certain foods bring me back to those moments. Waking up to our Easter baskets filled with treats and the Easter Eggs hunts are some of the most vivid memories I cherish. Remembering my excitement then and now as a mom watching the joy on my kid's faces fills my heart. These traditions also provide opportunities to discuss the origin of Easter eggs which can help children to understand more about Easter and the important messages behind it. 

How to Create New Traditions

Camping with my boys! 

Creating new family traditions can be a fun and exciting process. Start by brainstorming ideas with your family members. Consider activities that everyone enjoys and that can be done regularly. 

Traditions can be as simple as a weekly family game night or as elaborate as an annual camping trip. The key is to find activities that bring your family together and create a sense of joy and unity. For example, you might decide to start a monthly family hike or a weekly family bike ride. These outdoor activities not only create lasting memories but also promote physical health and well-being.

One such tradition for me is having Sister's Weekends, just a weekend with me and my sisters. It is so important to me to have this family time because now that I am older I realize how quickly time goes by. I want to make the most of the time I have left. 

The Importance of Spending Time Outside

My Son and I Visiting the Grand Tetons. 

Spending time outside is an essential part of many family traditions. I have so many memories of camping, fishing, and boating with my family growing up. It was part of our life to be outdoors even in the winter with ice fishing and building snow forts. 

With the influx of social media and video games, a lot of families miss out on quality family time. Outdoor activities promote physical health, mental well-being, and a sense of adventure. They also provide an opportunity for families to disconnect from technology and connect with nature. Whether it's a family camping trip or a simple picnic in the park, spending time outside can create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds.

Even starting out with small adventures outside as often as you can. I would pack up a lunch and head to the playground with my kids. We would adventure out to local parks and state parks in the area so my kids could explore nature.  

Reviving Old Traditions

If your family has lost touch with old traditions, consider reviving them. Talk to older family members to learn about traditions that were once important to your family. You might discover a family recipe that has been passed down for generations or a holiday tradition that has been forgotten. By reviving these traditions, you can create a sense of connection to your family's past and honor the legacy of your ancestors.

carving pumpkins with my boys

Family traditions are an essential part of creating a strong family identity and building lasting memories. By creating new traditions and reviving old ones, you can strengthen family bonds and create a sense of belonging. Incorporating outdoor activities into your family traditions can promote physical health, mental well-being, and a sense of adventure. So, start planning your next family tradition today and embrace the outdoors to create long-lasting bonds and memories!

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