Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Jeep Slang Words

It took me over forty years to realize owning a vehicle takes on a whole new meaning when you become a Jeep owner. Just owning a Jeep is an experience on a whole other level than just a “regular” vehicle.  

Being apart of the Jeep Community is amazing. A community full of Jeep enthusiasts that feel the love for their Jeep like you feel about your Jeep. 

A Jeep is not just a vehicle it’s a way of life. You begin to immerse yourself into all things Jeep. To be fully apart of the community you need to learn the lingo. 

Jeep Momma's Top 10 Jeep Slang Words

Droop - Downward articulation, or how far the tires can reach below the vehicle.

Stuff - Upward compression, or how far the tires can be pushed upwards into the wheel housing.

Naked – A term used to describe a Jeep with the top & doors off.

Oh shit handles – Grab handles on the roll bars to hang onto while crawling thru the rocks.

Pumpkin – The differential which is the device on the axle that splits the engine torque two different ways, allowing each output to spin at a different speed.

Wrenching – When a group of Jeepers get together to work on a single Jeep or multiple Jeeps.

Wheeling – driving your 4x4 vehicle off-road with like-minded friends.

Flex – the vehicle’s ability to flex its suspension where drooping on one side and  stuffing on the other while maintaining the ability to keep all four wheels on the ground when going over off road obstacles by means of axle articulation

Line - A pathway designated by the driver giving them a sightline to the best possible route to overcome an obstacle or to travel on a specific pathway. Choosing the correct line is often essential to being a successful four-wheeler.

Stealership  A derogatory term given to car dealerships where DIY drivers avoid purchasing parts due to them being  overpriced. I found since working in a dealership that isn't always true. 

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