Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Top 5 Jeep Mods - Do Over

My Top 5 Jeep Modifications I would do if I had do it over again. 

Now that I have off-roading experience with my Jeep I can look back with confidence and tell you what I would do differently. 

I certainly wouldn't change wheeling my Jeep in stock form for two years. That was  important for me to gain the necessary skills to become a great wheeler. I was able to learn what my Jeep is capable of and how to pick a good line. Once I believed I out grew that level of wheeling and was looking for a new challenge, I upgraded my Jeep. I went to a 3.5 MetalCloak lift on 35” tires. If I had to do it over again, I would do a few things before that lift.


The first modification I would have made was Jeep Cables from Jeep Cables.com. Jeep Cables is a veteran owned company. I recently installed them in my Jeep and wish I would have done it sooner. Adding the winch and off-road lights to my Jeep created a little extra pull on the OEM cables. My alternator is showing signs of overload. The wires were already overloaded and getting super hot before I installed the Jeep Cables. 

Jeep Engine with Jeep Cables


The second modification would be my rock sliders. Not only do my Barricade Off Road Rock sliders protect my Jeep they double as a side step. A necessary part when you lift your Jeep so you don’t look foolish getting into your lifted Jeep. My rock sliders from day one have protected my Jeep and the sound of them sliding over the rocks has become a sound I love. 

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Selfie with Jeep's Rock Sliders

Nexen Tires


Even before my lift and bigger tires I would upgrade the stock tires with Nexen Roadian MTX 33” tires. When you are stock a good set of tires will do wonders when you are off road. 

Jeep Momma Nexen Tire Review 👉 Read More

Nexen Tires


Steering would be the next upgrade before my lift. I would go with the Yeti Steering from SteerSmarts. Their components are so beefy. I have dinged them so many times on the rocks, they have held up amazingly. Another plus for the JKU's is the steering attenuator or now they call it the Griffin. The attenuator helps with the Wranglers jittery steering and the bump steer.

My Yeti Steering 


Then rounding out the Top 5 would be an upgrade to my OEM front driveshaft with a Tom Woods CustomDriveshaft. Adding a lift and bigger tires will eventually wear out that stock driveshaft. You will know when it is starting to go by getting under your Jeep and looking above the driveshaft. You will be able to see the grease splatter above the driveshaft. 

My Tom Woods Driveshaft


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