Thursday, July 30, 2015

Post Off-Road Check List

I noticed a Jeep Cherokee drive by the window with branches dragging along the undercarriage of the Jeep. My guess was this Jeep just finished up some wheelin' on the off-road trails.  Well, a smart thing to do, when you are done driving off-road, is to inspect your Jeep.

Post Trail Ride Jeep Checklist  👉 Watch Here

Pre-Trail & Post Trail Checklist 👉 Watch Here

  • Completely inspect the underbody of your Jeep. 
  • Check the tires, body structure, steering, suspension, and exhaust system for damage. 
  • Inspect the radiator for mud and debris and clean as required.
  • Check threaded fasteners for looseness, particularly on the chassis, drive-train components, steering, and suspension. Re-tighten them if required. 
  • Check for accumulations of plants or brush. These things could be a fire hazard. They might hide damage to fuel lines, brake hoses, axle pinion seals, and propeller shafts.
  •  After extended operation in mud, sad water or similar dirty conditions have the radiator, fan, brake rotors, wheels, brake linings, and axle yokes inspected and cleaned as soon as possible. 
  • If you experience unusual vibration after driving in the mud, slush, or similar conditions, check the wheels for impacted material. Impacted material can cause a wheel imbalance.


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