Monday, July 6, 2015

Finding Balance

Jeep Momma selfie collage

(Updated December 2023) In 2000 I left my career in television news to be a stay at home mom. My husband at the time and I decided that would be the best decision for our family. I am so glad we were able to make that family commitment. 

2010 Jeep Momma & boys

As my children grew older, and my mom role is changed. One thing I began to realize -- during this time I put myself on the back burner. I neglected myself and my needs. It wasn't until I started getting older and my ever changing hormones started messing with my head, I began to reflect on my life to figure out what was next, what did I enjoy, what were my passions and what would be my next career path.  

My children were my passion, but as they grew up and became more independent I had to let go and find my myself.  I will always be their mom, and they will always need me, but those needs are different and not so demanding of my time. 

My First Jeep 2013

When I bought my first Jeep, I had found something just for me. I loved my Jeep and still do. Owning my first Jeep opened up many exciting new doors. And so I started my journey to balance out my life. I began to search for my new passion. I created a bucket list and I started to find things I enjoyed.

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"Holstee Manifesto".

Along my journey I have come to recognize what it means to live life to the fullest. I try every day to do just that, to savor every moment, and to have fun. 

I saw the quote "Buying Experiences, not stuff, makes you happier". Thinking back on my life journey's this is very true for me. Now my goal is to work on more experiences in my life.  My Jeep gives me those experiences. 

There's a very logical assumption that most people make when spending their money: that because a physical object will last longer, it will make us happier for a longer time than a one-off experience like a concert or vacation. According to recent research, it turns out that assumption is completely wrong.

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