Monday, July 27, 2015

Jeep Problem Solved!

It looks like I still have a lot to learn about the electrical wiring of the aftermarket lights on my Jeep. 

Last week my Jeep Wrangler's dash was lighting up and dinging. This happened several times followed by the ESC malfunction indicator light illuminating.

Checking out my newly acquired manual, it stated a malfunction in my ESC system had been detected. The ESC is the Electronic Stability Control - which senses when you begin to over- or under-steer and applies individual brakes and controls your throttle as needed to help put you back on track. 

I began calling Jeep dealers in my area, but the soonest any of them could see me was August 6. This was simply unacceptable, so I called up to my friends at Adams Jeep of Maryland in Aberdeen. 

Those folks sure know how to treat their customers!  They fit me right in, and I headed up there this morning. 

Well --- the problem turns out to be my fault. I attached my LED light wires to the wrong spot on the battery when I hooked up my lights back in March. 

The location where I attached the wires to eventually loosened the battery cables. As well as the hexed nut coned washer was not meant for this extra wiring. Thus creating high voltage which affected the ABS system thus the malfunction. 

The folks at Adams Jeep have seen this before, and know where to put the wires so they will not come loose.  
They re-attached my wires to the proper location on the battery. My LED lights are good to go, and the Rubicon is happy once again.

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