Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Water Obstacle Tips

In my Jeep manual reading I have reached the Off-Roading section which I have been looking forward to. In the water crossing section there are a lot of warnings. Water seems to be one of the biggest factors that could cause some serious damage to your Jeep Wrangler. 

I personally don't like water crossings because of the main reason for the warnings. You don't know what you are going to find below the surface. The unknown factor -- and when I'm in my $40K + vehicle I don't feel comfortable with the unknown.

The manual states when in 4L proceed very slowly with a constant slow speed -- 3 to 5 m.p.h. and light throttle. Keep moving and don't try to accelerate. If you cross water higher than the bottom of the axle differentials you should inspect all of the vehicles fluids for signs of water. 

Now my question is -- where do I find a list of all the vehicles
fluids that I need to check for signs of water and how do I do that? It looks like I need to take a pause from my manual reading and go in search of my answer. 


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